Applejackasks is run by an college student like most blogs. They update extremely frequently compared to other blogs that share a similar level and knowledge of art. They may have some weird things going on at any given point but as everypony knows, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

They answer their asks in bulk, and seem to prefer pretty much anything, although recently have been delving into transformation-esque responses.

The mod is very down to earth and almost always streams their art whenever they go to answer something. They also run the ShatteredHonesty blog, taking place in what is dubbed the "Grimdark" universe. Along with that they run an OC blog called "Ask Klank~" and co-moderate a new parody blog called "Ask the Powercorns", a Power Rangers mock up.

Like the ever-famous Jappleack, ApplejackAsks attempts to provide a clear idea of how elastic faces can and should be. The face is used for emotion, make the best of it.

Fun fact : The mod never uses the color dropper to find the colors for Applejack, they are always selected at random, while maintaining a general consistency. The mod feels this is one way to bring life to an otherwise bland image.

They DO respond to most questions, but have been quoted as saying "I am sick and tired of being asked about apples already! The joke's old now."

Thanks to a random Pinkie Pie's gypsy magic, AJ has been cursed with were-pen0r, yes, it is exactly how it sounds. Every full moon. Zecora has yet to offer to fix this problem for whatever reason...


Go give them a look!