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Ask-Twi tumblr
Owner Twilight the Pony
Status Active
Date Created October 5, 2011
Main Character(s) Twilight Sparkle
Supporting Character(s) Spike

Ask-Twi is a kind of canon-esque attempt to depict adventures, mis-adventures and dowright goofups of a pony named Twilight Sparkle. At first, the blog was meant to be a black-outline, multipanel comic, but then the mod decided against that and the replies went over various attempts of coloration, that were met with mixed success.

Ask-Twi is still very largely an experimental blog; the mod's playground on testing out various storylines, the potential of interactive adventures as well as just replying to questions that pop up from the users.

Answering questions Edit

Due to repeated questions of a grimdark as well as sexual nature, the mod specifically stated, that the blog won't reply any NSFW questions.

Coffee addictions Edit

This version of Twilight Sparkle is addicted to coffee. She may go to great lengths to get her coffee, and as long as she gets it, she'll be one happy pony. There are indications, that, if she has a chance, she' will overdose on her coffee. Twilight will share so many things with you, but if you touch her coffee... Well... You have been warned.

Details Edit

Ask Twi was initially drawn by Twilight in combination of Sketchbook Pro 2011 / 2012 and Adobe Photoshop CS3, but the creation switched to Easy Paint Tool SAI. Twi is drawn in 2 styles: One is normally colored and shaded, the other one is much more simplistic, and it's used when the mod is running low on time (such as school and other tumblr-unrelated activities), and it's simply an outline with crosshatching to represent coloring and shading of the characters.

Tumblr prom Edit

Twi was invited to the prom, but the date never showed up, leaving poor Twi to be all alone on the prom.

Influences Edit

Main influences for the blog to come into existance in the first place:

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