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Blog Type:

Ask, Role Play, Drawn Blog

Date Created:

March 17th, 2012

Date Concluded:

June 18th, 2012

Primary Character:

Crackle the Dragon

Secondary Characters:

Other dragons from the same episode. The avatar of the questioner often appears in the illustrated answer.

Ask Crackle is an Art blog featuring Crackle the Dragon from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode, Dragon Quest, and started on March 17, 2012. Blog Crackle was depicted as somewhat more articulate than canon Crackle, in that he actually had the capacity to answer questions although he was still occasionally confused by them. His replies are shown on the art as being in large Impact-font text, but other characters use speech bubbles.

Crackle's mode of speech was his own idea of 'street' talk, using terms like 'bro' and 'yo' freely. Early on in the blog, it was shown his flame is rainbow-hued. The other dragons seem to have treated Crackle with either derision or outright hostility. For his own part, Crackle mostly pursued activities that he called 'Dragon Junk', such as kidnapping princesses or burning down Pony villages. He was met with indifferent success.

Ask Crackle was drawn in Adobe Flash 8 with a mouse and more recently with a tablet, and was updated once a day, to begin with. Sometimes the replies were multi-panel or animated, but generally Crackle answered his question as a 'talking head' on a black background. On release he enjoyed considerable success, hitting the 1,000 follower mark in just over a week. Ask Crackle was initially thought to have concluded after the dragon's tragic demise, which coincided with the 2012 Tumblr Pony Prom, but his blog has continued to be updated due to popular demand.

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