Ask Art HeartEdit

Ask Art Heart is an ask blog that responds to your questions with mostly drawings from the blog owner. This ask blog started on October 16th, 2011. It features a (pegasus) pony fan character of whom the blog owner would be in the pony universe. Art Heart is usually shy around strangers, but can grow more open to those who get closer to her and help her feel comfortable. Otherwise, even around complete strangers, she can quickly perk into an outgoing burst if and when she hears topics that spark her interest. She's rather calm, however, and doesn't enjoy arguments or heated debates all that much -- especially when the debaters do these things only for their own selfish gain in pride. If she ends up in a debate by accident or from wanting to help a friend stuck in it, she won't enjoy losing anything in it even if it stresses her out. Receiving such stress can overwhelm her, though, and learning from that she tries her best to avoid at least the pointless and endless arguments out there.


A reference of what Art Heart looks like.

More About The BlogEdit

While the blog doesn't get a lot of questions to answer, it still tries to be satisfying for Art Heart's followers by updating with a reblog, or the blog owner's personal updates. The blog owner, Sarah, will also draw something to update the blog with if she can think of anything. These drawings range from Ponies, to Pokemon, and other possible non-pony related works. She tries her best to keep the blog as strict of an ask blog possible, even if she doesn't want to worry her followers by not updating for maybe one month, for example.

Art Heart's Tumblr Pony FriendsEdit

Art Heart has a few pony friends in her universe, but only one has resided to Tumblr so far. That friend in particular is a unicorn named Doodle Storm . When these two get a chance to chill and hang-out with each other, they'll tell lots of inside jokes or have deep conversations. Aside from talking, during their treasured quiet time they'll play some games, roleplay, or draw together. You can't really seperate them, either. They have formed a sister-like bond, and Art Heart never wants to lose her family. Avoid hurting Art Heart and her friends, and you'll avoid getting on their family-protective side.

Samples of the Blog's Visual AnswersEdit

Over time, Ask Art Heart has changed from regular pencil-sketched answers, to fully outlined drawings using pencil first and then a Pilot pen. On occasion, when the artist has the time, she'll even throw in some color.