Ask Auroran
Ask Auroran tumblr
Blog type Ask, Role Play, Canon
Status Active
Date Created March 31st, 2012
Main Character(s) Auroran Ragewing
Supporting Character(s) Cecilia Ragewing, Princess Luna, Nightshade, Raphael

Ask Auroran is a blog following the events of Auroran Ragewing, a Pegasi who lives in Cloudsdale. The role-play blog attempts to remain as true to canon as possible, and whilst does feature an ask blog for other tumblr users to use, regular daily updates are made in the style of typical status updates one would find on a typical tumblr blog, often with accompanying images.

The blog primarily utilizes vectors drawn from scratch in GIMP to portray the day to day life of the pegasus pony.

A detailed page on Auroran's history and family can be found here with links to supporting wiki pages.

Auroran will also follow anypony who follows his blog.