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Status Active
Date Created March 2012
Main Character(s) Candlelight Song
Supporting Character(s) Phantasmorical

Ask Candlelight Song details the life and times of the charming eponymous filly. Her most distinctive feature is an eyepatch, which covers a silvery eye caused by a unicorn magic misfire. Not letting such things drag her down, Candlelight now runs a successful matchmaking business, as indicated by her linked-hearts cutie mark. In Candlelight's tumblrverse, Lyra and Bon-Bon were matched thanks to her service.

Character and WorldEdit

Her relatives include her sister Phantasmorical [sic], a tattooist in Madame Lucille's Fun House, a strip club in downtown Manehatten.

Although Candlelight is short, she is in fact almost fully mature. She is stated as seventeen.

Her greatest adversary is Pringles cans, as her forehooves are precisely the same 

diameter as the tube. Even high-yield explosives failed to remove the can. Fortunately Tumblrlogic saved her from any noticeable injury. She eventually removed the offending article through sheer boredom during an offline period on St. Patrick's Day. Time will tell if she accidentally does it again.

Candlelight Song is equally badly affected by coffee. It is generally considered unwise to let her consume more than a few sips, especially after late nights. It is strongly implied that the eyepatches Pinkie found in It's About Time were in fact originally left by Candlelight after a particularly chaotic evening. Her personal collection of eyepatches come with a bewildering array of styles and gadgetry, and she's more than happy to show them off to those who ask. Just beware the hypnotic eyepatch.

Interblog linksEdit

Candlelight Song...

  • stated to send ponies in failed relationships to Luvcrush.
  • Currently is in love with Miss Romancedy
  • Is going to the Summer Sun Celebration with Sunshine Dove
  • Is familiar with Queen Frau