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Ask Canon Applejack

TheAsk Canon Applejack blog is a text-based Ask Blog, that as the name suggests, portrays Applejack as she would most likely act canonically.

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Mental Bubbles

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The blog doesn't seem to do anything special at any set milestone for gaining followers.


This blog focuses on a single character: Applejack, a well-known MLP:FiM character that is part of the Mane Six. As the blog title suggests, she is meant to represent the canon personality of Applejack, and is thus friendly, hardworking, honest, and somewhat stubborn.


This blog interacts with the other canon mane 6 blogs.

The ModEdit

The Mod, Mental Bubbles is also the mod of Applejack RPs with y'all , which is an independent RP blog that focuses on the same canon Character. The RP tumblr can be found on the wiki, here .

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