Ask DawnStar
"This is going to be so much fun!"
Ask DawnStar tumblr
Owner (NSFW!)
Blog type Ask, Story
Status On hiatus
Date Created 20.03.2012
Main Character(s) DawnStar
Supporting Character(s) Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Ask DawnStar is a story ask blog focusing on DawnStar, a unicorn pony with a pale goldish yellow coat, light pinkish red mane and tail along with light purplish blue eyes coming to Ponyville. She is depicted with another evil side that's a black shadow with glowing blue colors and her evil side's mission is to send DawnStar to find the Elements of Harmony and destroy them.

Blog TypeEdit

The blog is a mix of an ask blog, meaning you can ask questions to the protagonists at any given time and a story telling blog, meaning the overall concept of the blog follows a script or story line to achieve a predefined conclusion at one point.


The blog is set to play at the present time, mostly inside of Ponyville. Sometimes parts of the story may take place in an alternate time or space but will be labeled as such.

Art StyleEdit

In old chronology, the art style is close to the depiction in the official show, but with bits of artistic freedom and a more defined shading style. The artistic style used in the blog is still subject to change. Since this is a very young blog a lot might still change over time. Later, it is now accurate to the show but still with defined shading.

Roleplay / Guest appearancesEdit

DawnStar is generally open for roleplay or guest appearances in other blogs as long as they keep in line with the general framework build around the character. If you are not sure about something, drop the mod a line. WARNING: NSFW.

Winter Wrap Up 2012Edit

DawnStar is part of the Animal Team, in the den cleaning task force.