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Date Created December 20, 2011
Main Character(s) Doctor Whooves, Ananta
Supporting Character(s) Twilight Sparkle, Derpy Hooves, Jack
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"Ask Discord Whooves" (often just Discord Whooves) is a Story-Based Ask Blog, meaning that while questions are answered in mostly every update, it has an overlying story which is followed throughout the entire blog, instead of simply answering questions, or only having short plot lines. (Though there were and probably will be many sub-plots, usually involving either guest blogs, or more commonly its 'sibling blogs' which include (but are not necessarily limited to) The (Time) Master, Miss Twilight Sparkle, Ask-Inkiepie (through The Master) and (Smutti's) MissPinkamena (also through The Master). The blog even has a 'prequel' blog, Lovestruck-Derpy, which takes place before the Doctor became Discorded and when he was still traveling with Ditzy Doo.

The general plot of the story involves Doctor Whooves, a ponified version of The Doctor from the long running BBC Series "Doctor Who". Not knowing how or why, the Doctor was somehow thrown into the 'ponyverse', where he was forced to regenerate and take on a pony form. During his adventures, his most vital traits were twisted around due to Discord's power and made him very selfish and cowardly. The reader is treated to an experience that showcases what would happen if this heroic Time Lord with a TARDIS (an incredibly many sided, living time and space traveling contraption with many, admittedly luxurious features) would do if he lost faith in himself and just tried to enjoy himself without getting caught up in the problems of others. At first, it may look to be "nothing" or "doing unmentionable things with uncountable mares and stallions from random universes". However, if the reader delves well into the psyche of this Time Lord, he/she can find a broken and fearful man who's - perhaps out of mental denial - blind to the world and all his doings spiraling down upon him, ready to crush him.

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Warning: The following entries may contain major spoilers to first time AND returning readers, as well as future Doctor Who viewers. View at own risk.

The multiple Discord Whooves related timelines in charted form.

Shortened and general overview

Doctor Whooves was originally a "humanoid" Time Lord in his 11th incarnation, traveling with Amelia Pond and Rory Williams. Due to the TARDIS malfunctioning, it deemed the "pony universe" the safest place to land, crossing over to this universe caused a regeneration, making him a pony. Amy and Rory's bodies were not able to handle being morphed into pony bodies, causing them to be effectively crushed to death. He chose to "not remember (his) mistake", effectively starting the events of "Lovestruck Derpy". In his discorded state, he completely abhors the fact that he's a pony, but he has many instances where he shows various pony-like behaviors, which he reacts to quite dramatically.

The Doctor was originally traveling with Derpy/Ditzy Doo. Not much is known about their adventures or their relationship before the Doctor was discorded in the "Caverns of Truth", the supposed dwelling place of the original Discord from the past. After the Doctor witnessed what he simply called 'The Truth', he became a coward and chose to abandon saving the world from Discord. Because of this, Derpy/Ditzy Doo chose to resign from being the Doctor's companion.

Since then, the Doctor locked himself up in the TARDIS, refusing to help anyone and choosing to "do nothing". Though, while he claims to do nothing, he sometimes leaves the TARDIS. This usually happens when he's trying to find a mare (or stallion on rare occasions) to bed with. The rest of the time, he usually spends sleeping, drinking, loafing around, or doing various solo activities like solitaire or watching Noire films.

From time to time the Doctor unwillingly shows his "un-discorded" self, visually indicated by bright, brown fur (in contrast to the usual grey hue). The reasons for these bursts of the undiscorded states vary, but are usually related to his personal feelings in a given situation. The duration of this state doesn't last long, and sometimes results in a violent reaction. He is completely unaware of this change, and when questioned about it, he refuses to acknowledge it.

Key Background Information

It was revealed fairly early on that at one point in the past, Ditzy Doo(/Derpy) was a companion of the Doctor and that she was given the choice to leave with the Doctor, letting the universe to fend for itself, living in the Time Vortex, removed from the troubles of the world. She refused and went against his will, which he took as a betrayal. He angrily returned her to Ponyville, and retreated to his TARDIS.

Later, the Doctor realizes that something is wrong with with his body, resulting in physical and mental stress, though he's unaware of its source or what to do to fix it.

After a while, the Doctor hints at what happened between him and Discord, saying that Discord didn't do anything to him, instead, he just saw "The Truth". Here it is also revealed that he's completely unaware if this new pony form even supports the Time Lord ability of regeneration (at this point, he's not even sure which Doctor he is) and soon he admits to be terrified by the idea of dying.

It is again shown how the Doctor relates to Derpy. While he is filled with helpless rage over Derpy's "betrayal" and that she wants him to return to his former self, which the Doctor believes would only lead to his certain death. However, it is also shown that with all the pain Derpy causes him, he still doesn't wish to hurt her, asking her- almost begging in his own way - to stay clear of him.

The Doctor also firmly believes that his coat was always of the gray hue it currently shows, despite the fact that in a few moments, when he returns to his true self, he regains his brown coat, if only momentarily.

Although the Doctor would like to deny the idea, he's unsure whether or not Derpy's children are 'truly' his or not.

It was revealed through the author's blog, (Jitterbug Jive), that Discord Whooves is in fact the 12th reincarnation of the Doctor (the human Doctor), however the circumstances of his regeneration to pony form were not (officially) revealed. The Doctor himself is also unaware that he is the 12th incarnation.

An interesting note to add is that it was established in Doctor Who canon that (unless the time line is changed) the Doctor would have an "evil" selfish form 'somewhere between his 12th and ultimate bodies', who would take on the name of "The Valeyard". Since then, The Valeyard made an appearance in the show, but in human form it is possible to think that the Doctor's new found Pony form is more connected to his presence in "The Ponyverse" than to him actually regenerating into a pony body, and in returning to his previous universe, he would be able to regain his human form without regenerating once more. At this point, it is little more than speculation.


Little is known about what caused the Doctor to turn, other than the fact that the Doctor calls it "The Truth" and he is absolutely terrified of it. The Discord who showed him 'The Truth' is not the one from the show, but in fact the original Discord who was faced long ago by Luna and Celestia. The original Discord was more powerful or at least better established in his power than the in-show Discord. The Doctor supposedly faced Discord in a place called "The Caverns of Truth", where he was separated from Ditzy and shown something so terrifying that it caused him to become a coward.


He separated (quite harshly at that) from his then-companion "Ditzy Derpy Doo Hooves", whom he believes to have betrayed him. She left on her own will after the Doctor refused to help and even resorted to hitting her in his panicked state. She is not aware of the 'Discord' effect.

The Doctor himself does not wish to talk about it, and avoids directly confronting what 'The Truth' is whenever he's asked about it. The most he's ever willingly explained was that everything he's ever done 'doesn't matter', and that The Truth is universal. He even admitted to denying it when he first found it, but is absolutely sure that what he saw was real.

A few physical features of the Discordation effect include the gray coat that the main 6 were also shown to develop when they were turned by Discord. Apart from this, the Doctor interestingly shows the ability to (unconsciously) fight against this "infection". All Time Lord bodies are capable of fighting various infections and poisons, even of highly lethal properties by regenerating (not necessarily in full power, which of course leads to a new body, and the loss of "a life") and the Doctor often shows that his body is fighting against the Discordation effect, either by exhaling energy (which later finds its way to a special hourglass he calls "अनन्ता [Ananta]" which means "Endless, infinite" in Sanskrit) or even regaining his brown coat and mane temporarily, though the latter one only happens when he feels honest joy, a gust of righteousness, or anything else that could draw him closer to his true self.

It is also established that the Doctor is oblivious to the discordation's presence and effect on him, insisting "I'm me" and that he was "always gray." One could speculate that Discord has control of this feature as well.

Major Events Chronologically

  • The story begins. the Doctor starts with establishing his personality by responding to questions. Inkie Pie is first introduced here.
  • The Doctor grows wings. He explains this has been happening before. It is his body adjusting to the ponyverse's laws and that he only needs a large amount of energy to solve the problem. The Doctor runs into the Master in pony form. After a rough night with the Master, the Doctor finds a source and proceeds to remove his wings.
  • A number of questions provoke the Doctor and he seeks out to show everyone Derpy Hooves. He then proceeds to assault her physically and admits it even makes him feel better.
  • After drinking, the Doctor is captured by Octavia who ties him up for being suspicious when he loses his sense of direction, only releasing him upon entering the TARDIS and realizing what he is, slapping him and calling him a "depraved space scoundrel' as she leaves.
  • Doctor plays dress-up with himself before the Master decides to make him dress up as well. at one instance blackmailing him into dressing up as a french maid. The Master also returns the Doctor's wings, much to his chagrin.
  • The Doctor meets, and sleeps with, Miss Twilight Sparkle. Inkie Pie, filled with jealousy, steals his sonic screwdriver. Opal Crab arrives in a box sent by Pinkamena and becomes a TARDIS resident.
  • Flying is attempted and failed, followed by the Doctor going on a sex binge, since he sees it as a way to control his strong urges.
  • Derpy Hooves is confirmed to be in the hospital with injuries dealt by the Doctor. Dinky and Sparkler are introduced as Derpy's children, in names only.
  • Ananta the hourglass is introduced into the story. His obsession with butter is established.
  • The Doctor installs a new ballroom and attempts to convince Octavia to be his dance partner . After two failed attempts (and a failed attempt at flying), he instead takes Miss Twilight Sparkle on a date. He appears to temporarily un-discord fully during the night before remembering the Truth and reverting again.
  • The TARDIS creates a new sonic screwdriver since Inkie Pie doesn't seem to be returning with the one she stole.
  • The Doctor is shown to have slept with Derpy Hooves' friend Carrot Top for no reason other than to spite her. Derpy Hooves is shown in the hospital again. An unnamed unicorn, later introduced as Warden (Tesseract Comet) is shown watching over her. Dinky and Sparkler run into the Doctor. Sparkler is excited to see him, but Dinky seems to understand something is wrong and threatens him to leave.
  • A number of inquiries about Derpy Hooves and her children cause the Doctor to throw a tantrum. He even un- and re-discords mid tantrum. Afterwards, he takes a break by going to the Canterlot gardens, where he walks in Princess Trollestia's Poison Joke crop.
  • The Poison Joke turns the Doctor into a female. She is very emotionally and hormonally unstable in this form, eventually showing off her body at a strip club, trying to rape the Master, and even sleeping with Miss Twilight Sparkle again (ala gender changing spell on herself). She visits Zecora for the cure after a run in with Opal Crab.
  • The Doctor un-discords and tells us the Truth, which is what discorded him in the first place. He then tells the story of when he first learned the Truth and how Derpy Hooves left him.
  • Derpy Hooves' nurses are caught with the Doctor at the hospital. Warden throws him out of a window for it. The Doctor manages to semi-land safely with his wings. Afterwards he notices Minuette as a pony nearby. She tells him to leave, and he runs off, back to the TARDIS.

Cameos/Miniature Sub-Plots

  • The Doctor participated in the Tumblrpon wide event, the Pony Prom. A few other Tumblr pony blogs were cameoed during the event. The most of these prominent being Laura the Zony who was his prom date along with regular story guest Miss Twilight Sparkle. The event is considered canon in the Discord Whooves story line as well as the Time Master's in which Laura also was a part of.
  • The Doctor also met up with his author's OC pony Jitterbug Jive at the prom. While the event is canon to the storyline, as well as the rest of the prom, it is unsure how big of a role this will play in the story, if any at all.
  • The Doctor participated in the Vocational Death Cruise (or VDC) as well for a time. The event featured numerous other Tumblr blogs and their characters over a longer period of time . While these comics are posted in the Discord Whooves Tumblr blog, it should be noted that this story is in fact not part of the main time line.

The Doctor

Warning: The following entries may contain major spoilers to first time AND returning readers, as well as future Doctor Who viewers. View at own risk.

Physical Traits

This particular Doctor Whooves has a few of his own unique traits that make him different from the one in-show. Due to his discorded state, he is grey with a black mane and his cutie mark's colors are faded. His mane is slightly unkempt, with a few loose strands in the front rather than being fully slicked back. His eyes are an icy blue, and accompanied by dark shadows on the bottom of his eyes which he claims are from lack of sleep and stress. Also, unlike his in-show counterpart who is an earth pony, Discord Whooves is a pegasus. He explains that the wings appear every once in a while because his body is trying to stabilize to the 'ponyverse' and tries to counter them out with a vast amount of energy. Though he does remove them at one point, the Master forced them to come back. It has been noted that the Doctor's wings had been growing in size as the story progressed. In one of his adventures The Doctor somehow carried a revolver and shot The Time Master in his face. But the Time Master was if like he wasnt hurt at all. The Doctor went back in the TARDIS and escaped.


Note: A life longer that 1100 years (and counting), especially one as eventful as the Doctor's could fill a larger wiki easily (in fact, it did), because of this, this section will only mention the most major facts of the Doctor.

Born on Gallifrey, partially of the DNA of a being known only as "The Other", one of the creators of modern Time Lord society, the Doctor hardly had a Flash Gordon-esque start. He was born and raised to be a proper Time Lord, to stay out of other civilizations' problems, not to interfere with history too much. Not counting his 'brief' time as "Discord Whooves" so far, he failed to live by this rule, more often than not.

His childhood is rarely discussed, but it is known that he was good friends with The Master, at least until they undergone a traditional Time Lord initiation ceremony, where children are taken to a hole in the fabric of Time and Space on Gallifrey and are forced to look into it, which causes them to embrace both the past, present and future at the same time. By the Doctor's own telling, this experience changes everyone. "Some find inspiration, some run and some go mad." When once asked what he did, the Doctor replied with a somewhat forced indifference "Oh, I've ran. Been running ever since."

Along his travels through time and space, he met many many civilizations helped quite a lot of them. Sadly, helping one civilization usually meant having to stop the plans of certain sinister individuals of entire civilizations. While he generally frowns on the idea of using weapons and violence, this doesn't stop him from using it if he sees no other viable solution to a situation.

Apart from the many people he met only briefly, he also had slightly more permanent 'friends' and companions through the ages, most of which eventually grown weary of the travels, grown apart from the Doctor or left behind on purpose by the Doctor to save them a life of drifting when they could live a much happier life where they were.

Surprisingly, as beloved the Doctor became to the peoples of various civilizations he saved, almost equally hated he was on his homeworld, at least for a time. He was considered a criminal, which he indeed was. He stole a TARDIS, an extremely dangerous time traveling mechanism that would require six trained Time Lords to operate properly and kept interfering with the time line on countless occasions. What's more, he took his grand daughter with him on these criminal adventures. However, as punishment, he was made to undertake certain tasks for the Lord President (The leader of the Time Lords), which eventually allowed him to clean his name.

A very important piece in the Doctor's story and arguably his greatest enemy - worthily standing along side such foes as The Master and the Daleks - is interestingly: Himself. Or as he called himself: "The Valeyard". The Valeyard made his first appearance in disguise on Gallifrey, placing charges against The Doctor, who was still in his 6th body at this time. Eventually the Valeyard was revealed as a fraud, fabricating evidence against the Doctor before the Time Lord council and even his identity as a - possible - future version of the Doctor who traveled to his own past with many intents, among which were prosecuting his past self (the 6th Doctor) and as a part of the Doctor's punishment, receiving all of the Doctor's then remaining regenerations.

As revealed by the Master, the Valeyard would be "somewhere between the Doctor's 12th and ultimate form". (Time Lords being known to have 13 bodies, with only a very select number of exceptions who usually either stole other Time Lord's lives or were awarded more for their usefulness). A being akin to the Valeyard, the Dream Lord, was spawned from the Doctor's own psyche during his 11th incarnation, indicating the possibility that this being still exists.

A great change came to both the Doctor and the rest of the universe when a bloody war between the Daleks and Time Lords escalated to such a level that the Time Lords were forced to measure the idea of destroying the entirety of existence, so they may live on as spiritual beings, free of the Daleks (and every other species). The Doctor fought against this proposition, but it became clear that the Time Lords would go through with it. The Doctor harnessed the power of the De-Mat Gun to create something called "The Moment", which he used to end the Last Great Time War, destroy the Daleks and Time Lords and place the war entirely inside a perpetual Time Lock, so that none of the events of the war could be accessed via normal time travel.


The first thing on anyone's mind, reading through the Doctor's history could be connected to the line "Oh, I've ran. Been running ever since.". This hints at the fact that the Doctor isn't in fact an unstoppable force of nature, as his companions and even enemies often see him. He does have things he's afraid of, even if he rarely speaks of them. And interesting thing to note is that something very similar is said in the Blog itself, but not towards the initiation ceremony to which the above quote refers to, instead it is used at "The Truth" the experience/realization that made the Doctor fall for Discord's magic. "I saw the Truth.... and I ran". Another such event took place when the Doctor found "his room" within the Minotaur's hotel; the room contained his greatest, most primal fear, in this case, it was a time field caused via his TARDIS exploding on 26th, June, 2010.

Generally the Doctor is a self driven hero. He doesn't fight for any particular cause but simply for the good of all creatures. Even when it comes to the most despicable creatures in existence, he only aims to destroy them if he sees them as a threat to everything else, and even then he will always give his enemies the chance to surrender, even if it could cost him his life and he knows they wouldn't accept it.

Despite his heroism and obvious pride (as well as his occasional bouts of megalomania), the Doctor harbors a deep feeling of self-loathing. This was hinted at several times, and was stated outright when he told the Dream Lord, a manifestation of the Doctor's inner darkness, that "only one person in the Universe" hates him as much as the Dream Lord; this person is the Doctor himself. This sentiment is not entirely without basis, as the Doctor has been shown to go too far and perform terrible deeds in his quest to save others or deliver justice to villains, and has stated that he needs someone "to hold [him] back". He has also implied that he does not see himself as a good man.

Also note that the Doctor's real name is something he hides with great desperation. It has been implied many times that it is a great and terrible secret, something so horrifying that the Order Of The Silence, a powerful, enigmatic religious organization, dedicated immense resources (and indeed, almost destroyed the Universe) to ensure that it is never revealed. Their guiding phrase, "Silence must fall when The Question is asked", refers to the oldest question in the Universe: "Doctor Who?" This is the question that the Doctor has been running from all of his life.

Other Characters and Interblog Links

Major Characters

Ditzy Derpy Doo Hooves


Ditzy was the first pony the Doctor met in Equestria, and was also his first and only companion before he was discorded. Little is known about her character, other than what was shown of her in a few small scenes and what the Doctor has stated about her.

She left after the Doctor hit her in a panic, and since then has had minimal interaction with the Doctor save for a few moments when he decided to go to her. He has brought her back on the TARDIS twice so far. The first time he taped her mouth shut and yelled at her, but let her go after a change of heart. The second time he brought her on the TARDIS, he was excessively violent with her, breaking her wing and beating her to the ground. He stopped himself mid-beating and told her to stay away from him.


Ditzy was placed in the hospital for four months following this event. She is now residing in Fillydelphia with her two daughters, Dinky and Sparkler. She is frequently seen with a black unicorn who acts as her guardian and protector, known as Warden. The Doctor has generally kept his distance, but he slept with her best friend Carrot Top just to spite her. He also had sex with two of the hospital nurses in Ditzy's bathroom for the sole purpose of making her cry.

Recently during the (Undiscorded) Doctor's visit to see Sparkler and Dinky, Derpy arrived begging him that time was all wrong and that he needed to fix it. She asks him to do this for her one last time and then she will leave him alone. However he realizes she still has the TARDIS key (which she wears around her neck) and he snaps causing him to discord. While he discords, he rants that they don't care that he risks his life just so they can live another day and that it's just all for their amusement. After fully discording, he announces that 'Taitors like you have no right to have this key!' and rips the key from her neck. Claiming that she was not his companion. She asks why hes wearing the tie she gave him, and he momentarily undiscords. She jumps to conclusions, saying that it must be that he still possibly cares, but he cuts her off saying it was a mistake, and he would never wear something so disgusting, but not as disgusting as her. She begs him to listen, but he screams that he'd rather beat her voice box out then listen to her whining and goes to hit her, only being stopped short by a brick to the head that Dinky threw at him. Dinky then said to leave her mother alone, after hitting him with a brick, she starts getting objects from the ground and start hitting him with all her might. Ditzy/Derpy and sparkler tell her to stop but dinky refused to for she had known what he did to her mother. The Doctor then sais to wait, and starts to un-discord, but dinky places a spear in front of the doctor, "I'm sure that's what she said too." The Doctor looked as if he was about to accept fate. right when dinky was about to throw, sparkler then stops the spear with a brick from her magic, she tells Dinky to stop. "Two wrongs don't make a right!" Said Ditzy/Derpy. She then agrees to stop and said, "Fine, but I don't ever whant to see him again." Ditzy/derpy starts to walk up to the doctor but Dinky tried to stop her. "He can't hurt me this way," Ditzy said, but when she picks up The Doctor, he refused to get her help and when he leaves "By now, you should have all died."

While it has not been shown in Discord Whooves, it's a fact that Ditzy was in love with The Doctor when she was his companion. Previous to the events of Discord Whooves, Ditzy opened up her own tumblr blog,Lovestruck-Derpy, to express her feelings for him. The TARDIS later explains in Discord Whooves that "The bridge was left open by his previous companion, and I altered it to speak to his mind." This implies that after Ditzy left, the TARDIS took her blog and used it as a gateway to communicate to The Doctor, thus giving an origin to the existence of the Discord Whooves blog and the asks that he can hear.

The Master


The Master (childhood name: Koschei) is the Doctor's long-time arch-foe and the only other Time Lord officially known to have survived the Time War. He was last seen sealing the planet Gallifrey back inside the Time War's temporal lock and attacking lord President Rassilon, apparently ending up locked with the rest of the Time Lords.

Now a blue stallion with a TARDIS disguised as Tom (the rock) he occasionally makes appearances to the Doctor and stirs up trouble. On his own blog, the Master is a madman who has resorted to things such as rape and murder. While on the surface he may look like a two-dimensional psychopath, he seems to have a lot more in his head than one might perceive. He still maintains his hypnotic ability from when he was a humanoid Time Lord, and his manipulative nature is still very present.

The Master was pulled into Equestria by his TARDIS when he was thrown into 'nothing' after his sacrifice to send the Time Lords back into the Time Lock. He died and regenerated into a pony, and claims that he no longer hears the drums in his head. He also has only a vague memory of his life previous to being in the ponyverse.

In Equestria, he lives his life under the guise of a nervous and sputtering pony with glasses, known as "Professor Patroneigh", and has placed himself as the royal adviser to the princesses. He has emphasized that he is very capable of taking over Equestria, but that he hasn't done so because it would be 'boring' and 'too easy' without someone worthy trying to stop him. (That someone being The Doctor)

His motives as of right now are still blurry, but from reading his blog it would seem that he thinks of the Doctor as a 'broken toy' that he needs to fix. Not for the Doctor's sake or the universe's, but for his own.

Miss Twilight Sparkle

Tumblr lxpwlkfmmj1r4zfhso4 1280.png

Their interactions started when The Doctor was drunk, and Twilight offered her hoof in friendship. He proclaimed that "I don't NEED friends! Friends are RUB-(belch)". Twilight insisted that not only did he need a friend, but that she was going to hug him. While hugging her, he caught a grope of her flank, which he later described as "If you could put a giant marshmallow in a drier and not have it melt..." Thus the nickname "Marshmallow" was born.

The two playfully flirted with each other on occasion, and eventually, after noticing the troubles that The Doctor was going through, she offered him a very special gift: her virginity. After Twilight started getting a lot of flack for sleeping with one pony, The Doctor was one of the first to stand up and defend her.

"For once I felt... Content afterwords..."

Twilight is one of the ponies that he's visited the most often, She was his date for Hearts and Hooves Day and his date for Pony Prom, along with Laura (the Zony). Of the rare occasions that he has "turned brown", Twilight has been connected to two of them, being either the thought behind it, or the physical cause of it. He has said that there is something about her that makes him feel content "for once".

In recent developments, it can be assumed the two are now dating. The Doctor has also given her a necklace connected to his TARDIS so that she can call for him in case of any danger.

Twilight has also explained that she can't use the memory spell on the Doctor to fix his discordation because she never knew him before he was discorded.

It seems that Twilight's own world is being affected by multiple bleeding dimensions. The result of her world's changing is Twilight becoming suicidal. Just like the Doctor, her memories are being slightly affected by the changing timeline.

Captain Jack

Discord Whooves Jack.png

Captain Jack is a previous companion from Doctor Who, an immortal from the 51st century. He crashed into the pony universe when the Doctor accidentally opened a wormhole in one of his drunken escapades. Jack first appeared dead, and claims to have died many times on the way through as his body reformed itself. Due to his immortality, he was able to recover fully.

He joined an excited Doctor on the TARDIS, and became a companion in the story.

According to the story, this Jack exists between the events of the Torchwood episodes, "Children of Earth" and "Miracle Day". It was during his soul searching after leaving Earth that he found himself dragged in to the ponyverse.

It is implied that Jack also has a separate role in the story, and is running a new Torchwood. He needs Warden's help for some unknown cause. This Jack, however, is at a different time in his life and should not be confused with the one on the TARDIS.

To follow some of his adventures in the Pony world, visit Torchwood V.

For more information, visit his TARDIS Index Wiki file.

Jack quickly came to realize that the Doctor was not how he remembered him and put some effort into trying to understand what was happening. Due to his journalistic entries in his bracer he even started noticing the Doctor's color shifts and the oddity that he hadn't noticed them before. After that realization he decided that the Doctor's condition and the term "Discord" deserved special attention and research whenever he could spare it.

Jack discorded

The Doctor later decided to take Jack to the Mediocris Meadows for a 'vacation' where they had fun on the clouds. Their intended next trip would be to a bleeding dimension of Canterlot, but the TARDIS instead dropped them in the Punverse. Much to his horror, the Doctor lost track of Jack, who revealed that he had an incident with Poison Joke, an experience he mirthfully decided to share with the Doctor before the two made it to Zecora's hut to be cured.

The two had a spat as they were leaving the Punverse's Ponyville, culminating with the Doctor's Discorded effect temporarily spreading to Jack before the two calmed down.

At Discord's subconscious prodding, the Doctor then decided to bring Jack to the Nimbus Resort and Casino where they enjoyed themselves until the Daleks from the Doctor and Jack's original universe arrived and started killing ponies. The Doctor suggested that they should run, but Jack didn't want to. Panicking, the Doctor pushed Jack in the way of a Dalek's beam and he fell unconscious while the Doctor ran away.

Discorded Whooves's skin color is much grayer than before and his eyes are much colder

The Doctor then came back to a discorded and far more irritable Jack Harkness who woke up and was set on staying. Suddenly, the Master appeared and started destroying the Daleks. Terrified of the Master and the Daleks, the Doctor pushed Jack into the TARDIS and escaped. Feeling betrayed, Jack demanded details about what had just happened. After learning that the pony he saw destroying Daleks was the Master, he told the Doctor that he's not the Doctor, or his friend.

Pulling a gun on the Doctor, Jack demanded that the two go back to their home (human) universe. Once they arrived at the universe where the Doctor met up with Jack, Jack went to the TARDIS's door, unaware that the Doctor had a gun. Almost fully discorded, the Doctor shot Jack in the heart without a moment of hesitation before pushing him out of the TARDIS.

Jack woke from this 'death' to find himself tied up and facing the Master, who asked for his help in fixing the Doctor. The Master asked for Jack to form Torchwood again - with the Master's financial and technological backing - to gather information on the Doctor's recent activities, a proposition to which Jack agreed.

Minor Characters



The Doctor accidentally crashed into her room when he was flying the TARDIS while drunk. This particular Octavia has a Russian accent, and can only be described as an 'ice queen'. Despite being a 'classy' pony, Octavia can be quite aggressive, hitting the Doctor over the head with her cello, tying him up, and even kicking him in the face in one instance. She seems to be very strict, cold, and to the point.

The Doctor is quite enamored with her because she matches him in color, style, and (in his eyes) class. He has pursued her on multiple occasions, only to be shot down and rejected every time.

It should be noted that the only time she has ever had an expression beyond apathy was after the Doctor angrily insulted her in Russian as he was leaving.

In recent posts, Octavia can be seen drinking tea with the Master, which increases the rage of the Doctor and prompts him to fire a gun in an attempt to kill him. However, he misses, and flees afterwards. Octavia doesn't seem to know about the relationship between The Doctor and Master.


Ananta or अनन्ता (which means "Endless, infinite" in Sanskrit) is an hourglass The Doctor owns and keeps inside of the TARDIS. She is originally from the My Little Pony Episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000".

Over time, The Doctor has been releasing regenerative life energy as his body fights off the discord effect. Some of Discord's magic is expelled each time as well. This energy has been accumulated and distilled within Ananta over time. It has even been shown she can utilize this energy as a form of magic.

Once The Doctor opened the heart of the TARDIS by force, Ananta absorbed some of this energy (Huon) and was able to take pony form. Although The Doctor's sonic screwdriver still claims she is an hourglass. The lack of a mouth and pupils hint at this fact.

As a pony, she tells the viewers that it is through her that The Doctor has been able to communicate with the outside world (AKA Tumblr). She wanted to find a way to help him overcome his discorded self, but has little to no control over it. She also states that she has calculated many paths The Doctor could have taken (IE: Vocational Death Cruise) and disallowed the TARDIS from traveling to such places until he was ready to face them without high chances of dying. After this, she asked the viewers to take care of him and returned to hourglass form.

Jack only sees Ananta as an hourglass, meaning that Jack can't see Ananta as a pony but The Doctor can. It's possible that only The Doctor can see her as a pony.



Real name Tesseract Comet, a pony who is close friends with Ditzy Doo from before the Doctor arrived. He is a part of the Equestrian police force and was originally sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia to relax. He is very protective of Ditzy Doo and disdains the Doctor for harming her throughout the story. He considers himself her guardian and almost always appears with her after the Doctor assaulted her early in the story. Also seen being protective of Dinky and Sparkler once he realizes that a recent string of murders are all unicorns. As of recent, Warden is currently with Torchwood and its leader Captain Jack Harkness.

Something to note: Warden appears in other Tumblr stories as well. None of these other Wardens are canon to the Discord Whooves universe unless stated otherwise in the story (i.e. the Doctor can jump universes in his TARDIS), this is due to him not actually being jitterbugjive's character, but rather the same person who created the Discord Whooves version of The Master.

Dinky and Sparkler


Ditzy's two daughters who were created via genetic loom in a similar manner to Jenny. The Doctor is always vague whenever he's asked about them, and he is insistent that they are in no way related to him. Despite his claims, he does seem to hesitate on occasion whenever the subject is brought up.

The two girls were not present when Ditzy left the Doctor, implying that they were still in Ponyville when the event happened. Neither of them are aware of what occurred, assuming the Doctor decided to go on adventures by himself for a while. They were also told that Ditzy was in the hospital from a 'work accident', so they are unaware of the Doctor's treatment towards their mother.


Sparkler seems to be much more happy and bubbly than her sister, Dinky. She has outwardly referred to Ditzy as 'mama' and nearly called the Doctor 'papa' before Dinky stopped her. Sparkler is blissfully clueless to the problems occurring, and believes the story about her mother being in an accident. The Doctor has turned brown on two occasions when someone threatened her safety, and he seems quite protective of her despite his claims of hating the two of them.

Dinky, on the other hand, seems to be a large contrast to Sparkler. She is highly observant and skeptical to the whole situation, aware that there is something wrong with the Doctor and their mother. She has called Ditzy 'Mother', but has not regarded the Doctor as a parental figure outwardly as of yet, and most likely never will.

Dinky is a rather brave filly, as she has once directly stood up against the Doctor and told him to leave without hesitation and has attacked him to defend her mother when Discord manipulated asks to make the Doctor attack Derpy.

Other Characters

Opal Crab


A mutant chimera that was sent to the Doctor by MissPinkamena. Opal Crab is a monster with a crab body, the head of Rarity's cat, Opal, Winona's tail, and a disturbing zalgo-like mouth wit


h 4 protruding and constantly salivating tentacles. The creature is loose on the TARDIS and finds random opportunities to latch on to the Doctor; Most commonly preferring to grab his face. The Doctor is absolutely terrified of Opal Crab, and describes it as being 'everything unpleasant', but he's too scared to approach it and attempt to get rid of it once and for all. So far, Opal Crab has been generally harmless and seems to want nothing more than to 'hug' the Doctor and eat his fallen feather dandruff.

Opal crab was eventually taken away from the TARDIS by an infatuated kindly Dalek.



Vivian the deinonychus was a rather short lived, spur of the moment companion. The Doctor brought her on board when he was looking for a strong companion who wouldn't nag, complain, or judge. He could communicate with her telepathically but this didn't quite help with her hunter instinct which she displayed constantly throughout adventures.

His adventures with her got him banned from 4 different planets, but dispite these complications he insisted on keeping her as a companion. Vivian left the TARDIS on her own when she became incredibly flustered and offended by the asks she recieved which misgendered her, mis-classified her species, implied the Doctor wanted to have sex with her, called her a pet, and accused her of being a stupid dinosaur.

Inkie Pie


Inkie Pie is a reoccurring trespasser on the Doctor's TARDIS. The first time she showed up, the Doctor was tempted to sleep with her, but was interrupted when she brought up the notion of a long lasting relationship. This frightened the Doctor, and caused him to kick her out.

She has shown up two other times with no explanation, seeming to have a similar 4th wall breaking ability as her sister, Pinkie. Inkie stole the Doctor's first (green) screwdriver, which resulted in him creating a new (red) one for himself.

She was thrown out into a barren snowy field by the Doctor, and was discovered by the Master. She has become the Master's assistant since then.

Inkie Pie was later in a story arc with the Master.

She was last seen with Doctor Allons-y.

(More to add as the story progresses)

Rainbow Dash (A.K.A. FracturedLoyalty)

Tumblr m2lu6dsGSr1r3qvlro2 1280.png

FracturedLoyalty is a Grimdark Rainbow Dash ask blog that worked with JitterbugJive to co-write an arc of Discord Whooves.

Rainbow Dash originally sent an offer to train the Doctor to fly properly. He disregarded these opting to learn on his own, although eventually he gives in and lets her be his trainer. During the arc, she forces him into training exercises almost non-stop and puts him on a (no butter) diet. Eventually the Doctor does learn to fly from her and she hasn't been seen since.

Things to note about this Rainbow Dash. She is a grimdark version of herself for starters. Her cutie mark looks shattered/fractured, hence the name. She wears bandages to look cool and has pierced ears and likes to wear a beanie sometimes.

Laura the Zony

Tumblr m9ar5qJSwJ1r99g86o5 1280.png

Laura is a half Pony half Zebra Pegasus. She was originally asked to be his co-date to the prom. During which, the Master asked her to dance, effectively upsetting the Doctor into leaving. The Master tells Laura about the Doctor's life and the truth of who he is. He also sets up an info stamp to put a copy of his own personality into her subconscious over time. This was revealed after a date the Doctor asked her on to apologize for leaving her at the prom. The Doctor erases the Master's work and her memories of him together and leaves her with a friend to recover. Her whereabouts and future in the story are at this point unknown.

Perry Doctor

Tumblr m1sfhrLzVl1r8f79so4 500.png

Perry Doctor, originally an April Fool's joke, is a Time Lord pony created by a breath of energy from the Doctor, while he was having a nightmare during April 1st. He came up with the name Perry as a play on words, as his existence should be considered a paradox. The name "Perry Pierce" has since been assigned to the background pony from the episode "Sweet and Elite" from whom the design was inspired. He has a similar appearance to "Pokey Pierce" but with a red coat and an hourglass cutie mark. Some fans have pointed out his similarities to the Third Doctor.

In the dream, the Doctor violently regenerated from what seemed to be a 'butter induced coma'. As usual for the Doctor's new regenerations, Perry Doctor went about immediately examining and discovering himself. He stated his hatred for butter and tossed it all out of the TARDIS. Immediately after this, he brought Twilight on the TARDIS as a companion, and apologized to Ditzy with a romantic kiss. The final frame shows him standing heroically with the two mares hanging on to him as he announced their epic adventures "Without Butter". This statement caused the Doctor to wake up in a startle, breathing out a small puff of time energy.

By now, it seems Perry Doctor is existing in a realm of dreams. On Docs in a Box, Perry Doctor appears in the Super TARDIS after Discord Whooves coughed up some of his regenerative energy (without even noticing), Perry Doctor appeared in the TARDIS from the regenerative energy itself, upside down. The Doctor instantly recognized him, calling him a "Butter-Nazi", which hurt his feelings.

Overtime, the Doctor has warmed up to Perry. Seeing how Perry didn't have a room of his own, the Doctor decided to share the Derpy Room with him (including the bed).



Zerum Whooves is a more NSFW spin-off blog about a "what if universe" version of Discord Whooves where The Doctor initially resisted the discording better. The Doctor gets put into slavery by Discord and is given a new name, Zerum, which is Latin for "Zero". For more information, go to his article.

Lightning Blitz

Lightning Blitz

Lightning Blitz is the son of Motherly Scootaloo and Rain Catcher. After saving Scootaloo's life by taking her to the hospital, Sandy presented Twilight with the offer to raise Lightning as her own, she initially declined due to the recent murders. However, Discord Whooves gave a passionate speech proclaiming how he would always make sure they were safe, she accepted the offer.

In order to prevent the disturbance that was happening in Motherly Scootaloo's universe, the Doctor went back in time and prevented Rain Catcher's mother, Clear Water. Preventing Clear Water's death altered a lot of ponies' memories. It also altered the decision of the court,prevented Scootaloo from taking Lightning Blitz from the Hospital,etc. This also means that Scootaloo may/may not remember that Lightning Blitz was supposed to be with Twilight (some of her memories are fuzzy).

Virus Whooves

This Doctor Whooves appeared on the monitor of Discorded Whooves' TARDIS while Ananta was cleaning up after the Doctor. Ananta was scared once he told her that he's not the Doctor that she's expecting. He then appeared on the inside of the TARDIS, confused. His intentions might have been to hack and appear on a comedy based blog, but then he realizes that he hacked into the TARDIS and is not on a comedy blog, but on a serious blog. 

After checking out the look of the blog, he found out that he was on Discord Whooves' Tumblr blog, which is apparently the most popular Doctor Whooves blog on Tumblr. He was happy that he was at the source of the Doctor Whooves blog overload and that he could fix the disease once and for all. After getting angry about the questions that were for only Discord Whooves, he decided to check out Discord Whooves' TARDIS to see what is lying around. 

He often criticizes the blog, and it's followers, even when he first appeared on Ask Discord Whooves he criticized the lack of backgrounds and "generic evil look". This is because he is the "Virus Doctor" from Ask Doctor Whooves Blog. As a result, he might have been lying when he thought he was going to comedy blog. That, or there is a slight continuity error.

He claims to not actually be a Doctor. This is most likely because he is a virus and carries none of The Doctor's good traits.

He later left after seeing that nothing in Discord Whooves' blog needs to be changed (even though it wasn't a comedy blog).

Skills, Abilities and Tools

Basic Summary

The Doctor's mind is his most potent tool, and indeed he usually prefers to solve his problems through discourse and peaceful interaction. He abhors all forms of violence and never, ever carries a weapon. Among other things, he has a perfect, eidetic memory, a keen sense of observation and a fine intuition. He is usually partial to rational thought and scientific explanations (though his stay in the magically-inclined Pony universe may have altered that), and has more than once gotten in severe trouble because of his all-consuming curiosity. Finally, one must take heed to the fact that the Doctor is, in fact, a talented and very convincing liar (ergo the saying "the Doctor lies").

In addition to this, he is highly educated and over his lifespan has become literate in practically all forms of endeavor, from advanced mathematics to alien art forms and the biology of many species. Indeed, the word "Doctor" itself, meaning "healer", "wise man", and even "great warrior" in some cultures, probably originated from him during his travels through ancient history. Despite this, he has been shown to not be all-knowing, and regularly comes across things he has never encountered before; he has also shown that he's incapable of remembering every single thing he knows, sometimes requiring aid to tap into his vast knowledge.

The Doctor's tools, in comparison to most other beings, are quite staggering (even if, by Time Lord standards, they are antiquated trinkets). His TARDIS serves as his vehicle and home, and has a host of scientific tools that aid him in his travels, from scanners and compendiums to devices that can trap ghosts. His sonic screwdriver, a personal invention (or at least a heavily-modified Time Lord design) is his most frequent tool, acting almost like a "magic wand" with more functions than anyone can keep track of. First among them is its ability to open any lock (apart from the unbreakable "deadlock seals"). In addition, it can interface with and modify or repair most forms of technology, send and receive signals in a myriad of frequencies and energy forms, scan the environment for pretty much anything, and, yes, drive screws without touching them.

Another useful tool is the Doctor's "psychic paper", a strip of white, "slightly psychic" paper held in a credit card holder which displays to the viewer whatever the Time Lord needs (or wishes) them to see. In addition to receiving psychic messages, the paper allows one to get into restricted areas by faking the appropriate credentials. On one occasion, it has "shorted out" however (displaying wavy lines), when the Doctor's claim was simply too big a lie (specifically, the fact that he is "universally recognized as a mature and responsible adult").

Tools as seen in Discord Whooves

Sonic Screwdriver

Because the Doctor has felt no need to go on adventures or help others anymore, his uses of his screwdriver have been minimal. He originally had what appeared to be the 11th Doctor's screwdriver, but after Inkie Pie's many attempts at stealing it, The Doctor gave up and used the TARDIS to create a new screwdriver for himself.

The first use of it in the story was sexually implied when someone suggested he could 'stick it somewhere else'. There have been four instances where the Sonic Screwdriver has been used 'inappropriately', the first time an experiment, the second was when it was first stolen by Inkie, the third time with Rudolf, and the fourth being when the Doctor was attempting to apply oral to it in his female state.

The Doctor also once used the Sonic Screwdriver to scan himself and see if there was anything wrong with him. The results did not alert him of the Discorded state, but told him that he was suffering a huge chemical imbalance in his body that was causing mood shifts, unstable testosterone levels, and his metabolism being unable to keep up with the changes. The result of this causes his body to go into a forced sleep to try and recover.

In a fight with The Master, the Doctor used his screwdriver to charge energy around a sword. He's also used his screwdriver to apply an upgrade to GlaDos in a pony version of Aperture Science Labs.

For more information on its general functions, see Sonic Screwdriver. Also note that, despite its name, it's neither sonic, nor is it used as a screwdriver.

Psychic Paper

The Doctor had been seen using his psychic paper to get into Octavia's concert, which didn't turn out well. He's also used it to distract a royal guard and claimed to be a social worker during a crossover arc with Pregnant Scootaloo.

For more information, see Psychic Paper.

Dimensionally Transcendental Pockets

Dimensionally Transcendental objects, a Time Lord discovery, are similar to the TARDIS in that they are much larger on the inside. The Doctor in the past has applied this to his pockets, but in Discord Whooves he doesn't usually wear anything other than his bow tie. Instead of using coat pockets, he has a dimensionally transcendental pocket tucked under the collar of his bow tie where he stores his Sonic Screwdriver, hats, butter, and other various objects.


Aside from flight, Pegasus wings were revealed to also work in a manner similar to hands. While the wings were a biological mistake for the Doctor, and a forced change by the Master, he still attempted to use them since he couldn't stand not knowing his own body. After many failed attempts at flying, the Doctor finally caved in and received rigorous training from the FracturedLoyalty Rainbow Dash. He now knows how to fly successfully, and even had a moment where he seemed close to creating a sonic boom. Though he knows how to fly, The Master still has control over his wings and can command them to 'pomf' in mid-flight.


A Webley Mk IV gun was given to the doctor by Dead Rainbow Dash in a bar. He at first took it only because she threatened to use it on the Master if he didn't. Eventually he devises a firing device to attach to his hoof to use it more efficiently. The gun has been shown to be kept in his collar pocket for safe keeping. He is constantly modifying it for easier use with his hooves.

When he tried to kill the Master by shooting him, he accidentally missed. It was because he was too scared to shoot the Master. After realizing that he missed and might end up killed himself, he was able to escape into his TARDIS with his life intact.

He used the gun again to shoot Jack, but it was not enough to kill him because of his immortality.

Fun fact: The Webley Mk IV is the same model gun given to the Doctor by Wilfred Mott during The End of Time.

Gallery of Tools


What is a TARDIS

A TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is a living, sentient ship that was created (or, rather, grown) by the Time Lords. The Doctor is/was not the only one with a TARDIS. A TARDIS travels through Time and Space through highly scientific ways that occasionally even cause it to collide with past versions of itself, leading to paradoxes and loops with no beginning that the Doctor for sanity's sake just explains to his feeble non-Time Lord companions as "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff" (note that the disorganized nature of time is a direct consequence of the Time Lords' destruction; they were the ones who kept things in order). Suffice to say, when a TARDIS goes from A point to B point and quite possibly from C time to D time, on occasion even breaking the barrier between @ universe and $ universe, it does this in such a smooth way that it fades out of existence at the start and fades into existence at the destination. However, since the TARDIS is rarely what it looks like, let it be a stone, a pillar, a statue or even a Blue Police Box, it also has the ability of "traditional" flight.

In keeping with the ancient Time Lord directives of non-interference with history, TARDIS ships are designed to blend in perfectly with their surroundings. As such, each one is equipped with a "Chameleon Circuit" which activates whenever the TARDIS materializes, and changes the ship's external appearance to match something from the environment. A well working TARDIS would appear as a statue in a roman statue garden for example and a large Blue Police Box in the London of 1963. Furthermore, TARDISes are also equipped with "perception filters", mechanisms that drastically reduce the chances of their getting noticed by unaware people near them, and even have the ability to become fully invisible on occasion.

Since the interior of each TARDIS exists independently of the exterior (a trait common in many Time Lord technologies), they are all vastly more spacious inside than they would appear from outside. Every TARDIS is equipped with many rooms, customizable to the Time Lord's comfort, and more can be created or destroyed as the owner sees fit.

Another relevant fact is that the TARDISes exist across all of time and space, to facilitate their role as time vehicles. This means that each TARDIS is equipped with an energy source more powerful than entire universes.

The Doctor's TARDIS

There are a few things about the Doctor's TARDIS (given name: "Sexy" / "You sexy thing") that set it apart from other TARDISes. First of all, it is "borrowed" which is Doctor talk to having removed it from a museum without getting written permission ("written permission" being Doctor talk for "any permission"). The fact that it was needed to be removed from a museum, also hints at the fact that his TARDIS was an "old" Type 40 model, which was called back and replaced by the time he 'borrowed' it. In fact, this is believed to be the very last Type 40 TARDIS in existence, even the Master using a different, newer model.

Along the years this TARDIS took on a few bruises, most of which the Doctor (very) lovingly tended to, but they occasionally show, such as in the broken Chameleon Circuit which sticks by its 1963 London settings (Big Blue Police Box) even when landing on a high tech Dalek ship where a bit of camouflage would be useful.

In addition to being old, obsolete ship, the Doctor's TARDIS also gives the appearance of being unreliable. This is only a superficial aspect, however: since it is alive, and practically omniscient, the TARDIS also shares a special psychic bond with her owner. As such, it does not always take him where he wants to go, but always takes him where he needs to go, or where his help is required.


Apart from 'the transmat' which allows solid objects to be sent and received by the Doctor, the TARDIS also has a limited fabrication ability (which is how the Doctor's two latest sonic screwdrivers were created), as well as a vast suite of sensors for observing and communicating the Universe, even from within the Time Vortex. It is also set up with many rooms that could keep the most outgoing person entertained for weeks, if not months. Among these rooms are:

  • A spacious Living Room/Control Room (Complete with working Fireplace, a beloved lounge chair, trophy stand/bookcases)
  • A Massive Wardrobe with 3 floors and over 20 rooms (All his human clothes were turned 'pony shaped')
  • A Master Bedroom (With a Muffin shaped decoration on the bed, formerly Ditzy's bedroom)
  • A Kitchen (Reminiscent of a Downtown VIP bar)
  • A Library (Very large, extravagantly decorated, possibly containing thousands of volumes or more)
  • A billiards/game room
  • At least one Pool room (The TARDIS has a pool and a working Hot Tub)
  • A bathroom (a must)
  • Theater (Large enough for at least a dozen ponies)
  • A Ballroom
  • The Zero Room
  • A gymnasium for flying practice with a projected sky and generated weather conditions.
  • A Sauna
  • An overgrown celery farm with giant mutated celery

Oh and he LOVES pears.