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Ask Dream Baker is an ask draw blog focusing on the day to day of a yellow unicorn OC named Dream Baker (legal name: Pumpkin Spice) living on the outskirts of Ponyville. Dreamy's past often closely resembles that of the artist and is a form of expression for the creator to work through her past troubles.

Ask DreamBaker is from the point of view of a pony with a special talent in culinary arts living in a town where the corner on the market is controlled by the Cake family of Sugar Cube Corner whom managed to get her into a ten year non-compete contract.

The blog takes a look at issues such as racism, bullying and self harm showing that even Equestria can't always be sunshine, lollipops and happy endings. Dream suffers from depression, PTSD, and abandonment issues which are conditions shared with her mod. The blog has a grimdark warning though is often times carefree and lighthearted often joking and optimistic.

Dream can be seen interacting with many different blogs such as:

Ask Fizzy, Ask Pony Hawkesho, Artful Kur, Ditzy and Dinky, Victor Mordenheim, and Ask Apple Cider Dream is currently in a relationship with the Grim Dark Ditzy of Ditzy and Dinky and is often seen with Dinky as she babysits the filly when Ditzy is working.

The Mod Does have a separate Mod Blog (NSFW warning)

as well as a Dark Blog for separate dark art

The Mod is also a co-mod of Ask the Plague Doctors with PonyHawkeshoMOD and DitzyDinkyMOD