Flash himself

Flash is a middle-aged photographer and reporter for the Ponyville Express. He has seen his fair share of horrors and inexplicable events, and has become rather withdrawn as a result. He is always friendly and polite, if a bit stiff, but he prefers to spend his time alone, or on a midnight walk.

Flash grew up in a rather broken household, which he soon left as an apprentice to an enterprising photographer. Soon after he left, his parents divorced and his mother went on to concieve a daughter in cloudsdale. He has only recently learned of this and has yet to make actual contact with his newly-discovered sister.
More recently, Flash was kidnapped by a cliche-obsessed mare named Dr. Cliche, who immediately proclaimed herself to be his nemesis. She susequently let him go with a warning to never interfere with her again. Unfortunately, Flash has no idea what he did to attract her attention, so that might be difficult.



His first, and to date only appearance in the show

Ask Flash Bulb is a tumblr about a background pony that appeared in season 1 episode 20 "Green Isn't Your Color." The creator of the tumblr found him in the interim between the first and second seasons and decided to give him a backstory and flesh out his character.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • ask-flash-bulb was originally a text-only blog
  • Flash's favorite food is cheese
  • Flash owns an ancient book of possibly evil magic