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Ask Futashy
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Ask Futashy tumblr
Blog type Draw, Ask, NSFW
Status Inactive
Main Character(s) Fluttershy
Supporting Character(s) Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Spike, Apple Jack, Big Macintosh, Gilda, Derpy, Rarity

Ask Futashy is an ask blog filled with a strange combination of comedy, slice-of-life plots, and sexual content. It is named after its protagonist, a futanari version of Fluttershy living in a universe where ponies like herself are kept as pets by humans.

It is currently inactive, due to the author's desire to move on with other projects.


'Futashy/Shy': The main character, an alternate version of Fluttershy with a penis as well as standard female genitalia. Unique "equipment" aside, she can be differentiated from her source pony by her visible fetlocks and the dog collar she wears around her neck as a proof of ownership. Her intelligence is around that of a human child, but she cannot speak human languages. She can read and write, however, and can speak to other ponies and animals.

Perhaps due to having two sets of genitalia, Futashy has an extremely powerful sex drive. She frequently has sex with her human owners, their various friends, other ponies, and various other characters. Fortunately for all parties involved, Futashy lives in a world where bestiality is legal (or at least not enforced very well), and all sex displayed in the series is consensual. Rainbow Dash: One of Futashy's owners, a humanized version of the rainbow-maned pegasus in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Her personality is similar to the canon Rainbow Dash, alternating between recklessly adventurous and the cautious foil to Pinkie's exuberance.

Pinkie Pie: Futashy's other owner and Rainbow Dash's partner. She was the one who gave Futashy her name, although Dash prefers to call her "Shy" due to discomfort at the term futanari. Apart from being a human and lacking the ability to tap into toon physics, Pinkie is largely the same as her canon pony counterpart: exuberant, fun-loving, and optimistic.

Twilight Sparkle: Another human counterpart of a member of the Mane Six, and a good friend to Pinkie, Dash, and Futashy. She is an amateur magician seeking to prove herself in an academy, and eventually gains real magical powers by having sex with Futashy. She has a tendency to cap her accomplishments by making a "V" or "W" sign with her fingers, accompanied by the caption "Wizard".

Spike: One of Futashy's friends, looking like a lankier version of the canon Spike. He generally acts as Futashy's foil, being more cynical and worldly than the naive pegasus. He still has a massive crush on Rarity (a human fashion designer in this universe), but doesn't seem to have much of a connection with Twilight Sparkle.

Big Macintosh: One of Futashy's only friends on the farm where she grew up, supporting her when she was depressed and encouraging her to be happy with her new owners. Largely unchanged from the canon version, but somewhat more talkative.