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Ask Laura
Laura nom.png
Ask Laura tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Inactive
Date Created December 30th, 2011
Main Character(s) Laura
Supporting Character(s) Arual
Connected With Ask Discord Whooves


Ask Laura is a rapidly updating, ridiculously adorable ask blog written by the eponymous winged zony (zebra-pony cross). Laura's blog is an almost continuous stream of image responses to questions, which vary between being custom-drawn actions and responses, and archive "Laura reaction image" pieces, as appropriate. Barring one or two specific exceptions, they are all utterly adorable.

Notable Plotlines

  • She's a zebra-pony cross. So yeah, there are lines there too.

Notable Storylines

  • Shortly after stumbling into a patch of Poison Joke, Laura found herself transformed into a bright purple deer. Zecora offered her usual remedy, but to no effect. It was then discovered that the incredibly rare yellow flower Laura picked on the same occassion was the cause of her malady; eating the flower would fix it. At which point Discord prompty pops up and swallows it...

Notable Quotes

  • "You're grounded"

Interblog Links

Laura suffers from unrequited love for Discord Hooves. She hopes to one day restore him, but his infatuation with Miss Twilight Sparkle and his own canonical Derpy Hooves rule out any likelihood of a true relationship between them. She's taking it well.

In the meantime, she's taken rather a fancy to Ace. The two of them have been sending short comics back and forth detailing their romantic encounter on a hillside at sunset (Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Needless to say, the fact that they are both dreadful punmasters is working against their romance just a tad.