The blog: Ask Lightning Streak is an ask blog, where you follow Lightning Streak of the Wonderbolts in his daily life, and such. Being an ask blog, the questions from the followers mostly decide what the updates are about. The replies are all art, no plain text replies.
The art is handdrawn, portraiting Lightning Streak, other Wonderbolts, and other ponies when it fits the occation.
General facts: Lightning Streak is a background Wonderbolt seen a couple of times in the show in the episode "The best night ever".


Personality: Lightning is a confident pony, openminded and sometimes a bit cocky. He likes to talk to ponies, and he's not afraid to brag about his skill and passion for flying.

Background story: Little is known about Lightning and his past. His cutiemark is a thundercloud pierced by several bolts of lightning, but the story behind it is also unknown as of now.