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Lovey Dovey is a pegasus not originally from ponyville. She recently moved there with her family and is still adjusting to life in the town. She grew up in a very rural area, where her family had to work hard for their food and there weren't many other foals to play with, so she can be very mature for her age at times, but also because of that, she sometimes can act like a filly, since she never really got a proper childhood.

Lovey's family moved into Ponyville when her mother grew ill. She needed special treatment that only Zecora, the zebra, could provide. At first, Lovey lived with her family, helping to look after her mother, but it was soon evident that Zecora's treatment was working quickly, and Lovey decided to move out on her own. She was out house-hunting when she came across a large, sturdy-looking tree. She thought is would be a cozy place for a treehouse. However, the tree was located on someone else's property. The property was owned by Daisy Jo, the cow. It was a part of her farm. Lovey consulted Daisy about being able to build her house there. Daisy obliged, but with one condition: Lovey had to help on the farm. Daisy and her sisters were getting older and couldn't run around making deliveries. Lovey started working on the farm, delivering fresh eggs and milk to the residents of ponyville.


Lovey Dovey enjoys gardening and taking good care of her plants and flowers. She also loves spending time with the chickens on the farm, talking to them and making sure they are comfortable. Another hobby she has is writing love letters. Some ponies may have diaries that they write to at night, but Lovey writes to her secret pony crush. She never actually sends them to him, though. She keeps all her letters hidden away in a locked drawer. She would never want anyone to find out who she likes.