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Tomol6's first animation on Nokia's blog
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Main Character(s) Nokia

Ask-Nokia is a blog run by Tomol6, it's about a 15 year old pony who literally can't be harmed. The answers are drawn, and there's going to be a bunch of animated ones in the future (so far there's only 1). Her name and special "talent" is a reference to the indestructible Nokia 3310 meme, which pokes fun at the phone's bulky size and weight, claiming that it could "only be destroyed by the fires of Mordor."

The blog has been discontinued as an ask blog, but the mod plans a webcomic continuation.

She has a dark blue-ish coat and a blonde mane stylized with a blue headband. She is often seen wearing t-shirts with logos of various hard/punk rock bands such as The Offspring or AC/DC.

Nokia Cutie Mark

Nokia's cutie mark

Her cutie mark represents a black diamond and a text written in the ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi font saying "ADNRs" wich stands for aggregated diamond nanorods, it is by far the hardest material known to men. It has yet to be revealed how she got it.

The mod mainly uses Photoshop and After Effects for his work. His tools of the trade involve a Fujitsu Siemens laptop and a mouse, most of his sketches are drawn on paper.

The blog can be found at