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Butterflies can make anypony smile

Ask Pinkie the artist is a drawn response blog featuring Pinkie Pie. In this universe, Pinkie has decided to take up the hobbies of drawing and painting in addition to her insatiable appetite for parties. The blog is run by Sir Payne.


A long time ago, Pinkie left her dreary life on the family rock farm in search of a much more cheerful place to live. She's met all of the ponies that are now her very best friends, but she's recently been feeling guilty about having left her home. She hasn't talked with anypony in her family since she left the farm, and now Pinkie has decided she is going to go back and make amends.


  • Rainbow Dash - Pinkie has a close relation to Dash, with the two always playing pranks and generally causing a ruckus. They once got Twilight to switch them for a day, with Pinkie gaining wings, and Rainbow attempting to paint.
  • Applejack - Pinkie Pie and Applejack are good friends, though not as close as Rainbow and Pinkie. Whenever Applejack needs help around the farm, however, Pinkie is always happy to lend a hoof.
  • Twilight - Twilight seems to get annoyed with Pinkie quite often, but they are still very good friends. Twilight helped Pinkie get ready for her trip back to see her family.
  • Rarity - Pinkie Pie and Rarity don't get to hang out much, though they are good friends. They like to go to the spa together every once in a while.
  • Fluttershy - Even though Fluttershy is older than Pinkie (by 1 year), Pinkie tries to protect Fluttershy from any kind of harm. They are very close, though fluttershy wishes they could be even closer.

Pinkie is not currently in a relationship, though she currently has her eyes on one particular pony...

Inter-Universe InteractionEdit

Pinkie normally interacts with ponies from many different universes, though none so far have ever come to meet her. One of the ponies she interacts most with is Chocolate Pony