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Ask Princess Cadence
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(In use as someone else's personal blog, no longer an ask blog!) Ask Princess Cadence tumblr
Owner kryssixx/Krysten
Blog type Ask
Status Inactive
Date Created April 2012
Main Character(s) Princess Cadence

Ask Princess Cadence (or Ask Princess Mi Amore Cadenza♥) was an ask blog for the beautiful and kind princess of the title. Not much else is known about her and her life, except that the blog was set slightly after her honeymoon with Shining Armor, and that she was just as willing to help other ponies as her canonical counterpart.

Not to be confused with Ask Princess Cadance, and certainly not Princess Cadence Answers.


As shown in the header image, the blog used a style inspired by the show, but not duplicating it. The block colour fill on the ponies remained, but the borders between them were not generally drawn. This made the images look softer and more delicate, as might be expected from its lead character.

Magic in this blog was similarly soft, lacking the firm boundaries of magic in the original show in favour of a diffuse ethereal glow around the affected objects.


In this blog, the correct spelling of the princess' name is Cadence, not Cadance. It was wise to be a little careful when asking her questions; it would be terribly impolite to get a member of royalty's name wrong!

Interblog Links

  • Offered help to Laura after her unfortunate transformation into a pink, winged deer. (It's a long story.)


On the 1st September 2012, Kryssixx posted the following to her old main blog, kryssixx.tumblr.com:

bye, it was fun……!!! but i just blaag u already know.
i will keep this acc open and just delete the sideblogs, and keep this open so u can look at all my past art i guess. blaarrrhghghgh but anyways thank u all while i was still active here. <3 ♥

Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that the Ask Princess Cadence site had sadly been blanked out and the username "miamorecadenza" is now being used as someone else's personal blog. Kryssixx has since moved on to create http://littlemissmegido.tumblr.com/, a blog apparently focusing on Homestuck instead of ponies. This is unfortunately beyond the scope of this wiki.