Rainbow Blitz
"Blitz gets all the mares!"


Rainbow Blitz






Blitzy, Skittles, Tutti-Fruity


Rainbow Blitz is the Genderbent version Rainbow Dash. He shares many of the same qualities as Rainbow Dash, both in personality and in appearance. The obvious difference is that he is male.


This Blitz however is very much different in several ways, however. He is quite the mare-lover, often indulging in life's more carnal pleasures. Blitz doesn't seem to care about much of anything besides mares, stallions, and the Wonderbolts. Anything outside is lucky enough to make him turn his head towards it. Rainbow Blitz is quite confident in himself, not afraid of anypony else until he is given a reason to. He does have a side to him that shows a more caring, kinder side. This has yet to be seen in any sort of large amount.


Rainbow Blitz's history is very similar to that of Rainbow Dash's. Everything from his cutie mark to him saving Elusive (Rarity) from falling after his makeshift wings burnt up. While he hardly acts the part sometimes, Rainbow Blitz is the Element of Loyalty, and he does try to abide by that at times. At one point, the 'original' mane six had entered into their universe. It wasn't long before the male and female cast had met themselves, due to a strange sense that attracted their counterparts to one another.


Rainbow Blitz has gotten to know a few others worth noting in his time.

  • Frigid Drift

A fan of Rainbow Dash, Blitz is often sneaking around her blog and tampering with it. He finds it to be in all good fun.

  • Discord Whooves

A 'Discorded' version of Doctor Whooves. Blitz refers to him as 'Butter-Face', and often makes fun of his big nose. While it seems that they hate each other on the outside, Blitz and Whooves can actually behave on friendly terms at times.

  • The Master

An arch-enemy to Discord Whooves, Blitz made the sad mistake of challenging the Master. This resulted in Blitz being raped with the help of a large saw. Blitz is now terrified of the Master, hearing the whirring sound of saw blades whenever he approaches.


Not much is known about Blitz as he is now. Why he's taken to chasing mares and stallions has yet to be revealed.