Ask Scootabloom
Vector... kinda
Ask Scootabloom tumblr
Owner Reikiasoni
Blog type Ask, Draw, Shipping
Status Active
Main Character(s) Scootaloo, Apple Bloom

Ask Scootabloom is an shipping Tumblr blog of the two ponies Scootaloo and Apple Bloom from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The blog is run by Reikiasoni or known as Rei or Scoots. The term Scootabloom is a combination of the fillies names, representing their "togetherness".

The mod mainly uses Pixlr and Paint, but the mod is expecting to upgrade to tablets and Photoshop and/or Paint Tool SAI in a few months. Her Tools of Trade involve a Windows XP Professional ViewSonic Desk Computer, paper, pencil, and a Fine Point Continuum pen.

The blog can be found here.

The only moderator on the site is the "Scootaloo Moderator" and is addressed as Scootaloo in most Tumblr Pony Conversations. The moderator is currently looking for an "Applebloom Moderator" to help out with the site. The moderator also owns the blog "Ask Big Macintosh and Applejack" which is currently running with a "Big Macintosh Mod" and herself as the "Applejack Mod"