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Owner Zach Morris
Status Dead
Main Character(s) Surprise
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"Hi! I'm Surprise! I was the original concept for Pinkie Pie! People say that makes me a "hippy-stir", whatever that is!"

It's Surprise! Being Surprise! Very loudly and extravagantly!

No, seriously. She's really freaking noisy.

As said, Surprise is a G1 pony, and the basis for Pinkie Pie. Frequently crossing over with pretty much everyone, and loved by all for her unabashed and continual enthusiasm, Surprise's blog is a mixture of standard drawn ask blog replies, original art, and mini crossover stories. And she loves every minute of it. Needless to say, Surprise is very, very epic.

Interblog LinksEdit

Notable and frequent cross-overs include Surprise...

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