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Ask Wolokai the Writer is an image editing ask blog run by Wolokai KuRR. The blog follows the events leading up to and following the self-insert story Leap of Faith: Wolokai Vs. Life. Wolokai as a pony is a simple Pegasus who suffers from Thanatophobia, or the fear of death. He works for the Cloudsdale Official Letter Transportation (or C.O.L.T.), and harbors feelings for Ditzy Doo, the mailmare of Ponyville, but is too pessimistic to act on it. What's that for reasons unknown, at the times between 1:42 and 2:23 (Does not matter A.M. or P.M.), Wolokai can hear the wails of Air Raid or Emergency Sirens, drawing him to fade into a "Discorded" state of extreme Pessimism and Self-Hate directed towards himself and his own work. He is also good friends with resident Time-Pony, Doctor Whooves.

FIM Fiction and his SeriesEdit

Wolokai KuRR as writes stories for FIM-Fiction, a writing site in which the fandom runs free and the fanbase write stories related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is most recognized for his series titled Leap of Faith, which tells the tales of ponies finding true love while finding a special quality about themselves which causes them to take (sometimes literal) a leap of faith for their love. Another series he his recognized for is The Pinamena Series, which is a crossover between MLP and Sweeny Todd, as well as Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the second story. The story tells the tale of Pinkamena who has been accused of a heinous crime and must flee Ponyville in order to save her own and Fluttershy's life, leading her down a trail of bloodshed and misery. His newest series, which launced on March 30, 2012, is entitled The Fall of Reality, with its first story Don't Go Outside, a series which takes place in a semi 'Post-Apocolyptic' era of Equestria in which Ponyville has been besieged by some unknown, murderous disease that drives 'The Afflicted' to savagely murder and maim anything uninfected.

Wolokai's Cutie MarkEdit

Wolokai's cutie Mark Safe

Wolokai's Cutie Mark

Wolokai's Cutie Mark consists of a simple scroll with undiscernable words etched upon its surface while a feather quill hovers above. There are rumors that the words written on the quill actually mean something...but Wolokai makes it a solid point not to let ANYPONY get too close to see.

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