Derpy Grooves
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DerpyGrooves, also known as Grooves (born 1989) is a popular brony musician and internet personality. He was born in Seattle but currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A., where he is active in the local brony community.


DerpyGrooves was active in the brony musical community since it's genesis, and performed at Winter Bronycon 2012 alongside figures such as Tarby, JackleApp, Alex S., Omnipony and Dethonator.

In March of 2011, he released his first album "Don't Even Trip". A mostly electronic effort, it featured a remix by the popular furry DJ Renard as well as a cover of JackleApp's tune 'My Destiny is a Rock'. A second album "small cartoon horses (that you can have !!)" is currently in the works.

All his music can be found on his bandcamp page .


Grooves has a habit of crushing to a stalkerish degree on the beautiful milk chocolate specimen known as Chocolate Pony. He is convinced that they are soon to be wed; however, Chocolate Pony (Or, as Grooves knows him, chocpone) has yet to recripocate these feelings.