FracturedLoyalty tumblr
Owner ScherzicScrawlings
Status Discontinued
Main Character(s) Rainbow Dash
Connected With Discord Whooves, Lil' Miss Rarity, TryToAskNicely

FracturedLoyalty is an adult themed, grim-dark Rainbow Dash blog owned and run by ScherzicScrawlings.

The blog centers upon a darker, more adult-oriented version of Rainbow Dash, and shares the same universe as Lil' Miss Rarity and Discord Whooves.


The blog itself centers around an alternate universe, a far darker universe than that of the central "Prime" Friendship is Magic universe. In this alternate reality, the events of the titular fanfiction "Cupcakes" indeed happened, but an otherworldly force known only as "The Creator" deemed it was not Dash's time to pass on, and as thus returned her to the realm of the living, before the fateful events that led to her death.

Such an outstanding event, no doubt due to her being one of the Elements of Harmony, had unseen repercussions. For one, she retained the memories of her death, as well as memories of the world beyond life. The illusion of afterlife shattered, as well as having the fact revealed that there was no way she could truly "die", she was faced with an existential crisis. As such, after a long bout of depression, and a final confrontation with her "murderer" Pinkamena resulting in some therapeutic closure, Dash chose to utilize her psychological and metaphysical scars to strengthen herself, rather than fall prey to them. She reinvented herself, taking on a more anarchistic, care-free attitude, a far more wild spirit than she previously was.


The events that led to her retconned death had the side-effect of shaking the very core of her trust, damaging the Element of Harmony that she embodied. In turn, her Cutie Mark soon changed to reflect this - a series of cracks, emanating from the center of the stylized rainbolt on her flanks, representing the damaged nature of her Element of Loyalty. While she's not rendered entirely incapable of keeping her loyalties to her friends, it has resulted in some...perversion of how she treats those loyalties - even going so far as to take advantage of them on a few occasions.

Unfortunateley the Tumblr account was taken down due to a copyright claim leaving only fanart and dubs.