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Google Chrome Pony
Google Chrome Pony tumblr
Owner 10art1 (http://10art1.tumblr.com/)
Blog type ask blog
Status Inactive
Date Created July 2013
Main Character(s) Google Chrome
Supporting Character(s) Browser Ponies (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera)
Not to be confused with the millions of other Google Chrome Pony blogs
see Google Chrome Pony (disambiguation)


ask-googlechrome is hand-drawn on a tablet using Clip Studio Paint, though earlier entries were drawn using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 or CS5.5. The style takes inspiration from several artists, and while it has changed a lot, it mostly has consisted of a thin black outline with fill-colored bodies, shaded either softly or with cell shading, or not at all.

Character Bio[]


Google Chrome by he4rtofcourage

  • Cute
    Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an adventurous, spontaneous pegasus who loves to fool around and have fun. She takes criticism lightly because she is confident that she is the superior browser (which the statistics support), and enjoys making fun of Internet Explorer for crashing often, and tries to be her friend even though IE tends to be insulting. She also enjoys messing with Firefox who is not used to her playful spontaneous nature, and hanging out with Safari and Opera. She is close friends with Safari because of both ponies' friendly nature, and often hangs out with her. It is imortant to note one should never give Chrome sugary and/or highly cafeinated drinks. She is known to be a bit 


overly friendly and trusting at times, which has gotten her into troubling situations. *Name- Google Chrome

 *Nicknames- Chrome, Chromie (not Chromium)

  • Age- 18
  • Birthday- September 2, 2008
  • Mane color- Light Blue
  • Coat color- Gray 237 (Near-white)
  • Eye color- Blue
  • Cutie mark- Google Chrome logo