Hawkesho is one of the most underground, but one of the most famous, ponies on tumblr. He is a comedic genius and his pony is an oc. He has many characters that he mods for on AskHawkesho. He even has himself drawn into the pictures sometimes. He lately has joined the Vocational Death Cruise, and has succeeded in blowing almost everything right the **** up.

Hawkesho (DjHawkE) is a Traveling DJ currently based in Ponyville, in the studio know as "Studio Blues".

Hawkesho is a B rank Tumblr Pony with a steadly growing follower count, and is a member of the "Vocational Death cruise" web comic.

Currently living in Studio Blue's with 7 other people, Hawkesho is the most know. he use to travel with vinyl scratch in the early days, since they were both orhpanized at young ages and lived on the streets. an event where vinyl fell in love with a stallion lead to the teams break up. since then he has been living in ponyville with Lyn, Double Bass, Light Wave, Morning leap, Wet Blanket, and E-mod, the artist of Hawkesho (there is no four wall in this realm). His current love interest is Sparkle Puff, and His Closest friends are Dream baker, Flutterguy, Ace, Grimdark Ditzy, gunrunner, Kur, meltia and snow, tundrow and brillant creasant.

The Blog itself is mainly a humor blog consisting of horrible jokes and cute art. While mostly SFW, has had an instance or two of "NSFW" (not really, but hawkesho dislikes). Tries best to answer all questions and keep in touch with the followers that make it as large as it is. The blogs age is 5 months.