Story Panel5

Hello! I'm Kappa! I guess I'm suppose to write some things about me here..

Full name: Sayuri Kappa

Age: 87

Cutie mark and what it means: Vines curled around hindquarters. It means that I'm really good at growing things and bringing life into plants.

Home: Neighpon

Parents: Yuki (my mother) and Haru (my father)

Siblings: 4 sisters! Kijimuna, Kahaku, Kawauso and Kodama. We all look really alike.

Some other things: I spose I could say I'm out on an adventure. In my village, when somepony turns 70 years old you have to leave for 100 years and then when you return you'll have 'come of age'. So I've really just started with this, and I don't regret a thing! I've met so many great ponies and I can't wait to go back to my family and tell them all about my time in Equestria.

You can find my blog HERE