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Pinch-Harmonic (formerly Ask-Pinch-Harmonic) is a text-based roleplay blog that delves into the day to day antics of OC pony, Pinch Harmonic. A subblog of this focuses on his two fillies, Harmony and Golden Voice.

The blog also occasionally displays art that the blogmod (VideoIsVideo ) creates.

Character Bio:Edit

Pinch was born in Neigh Orleans to his father, Decibel Harmonic, and his mother Sky Blue. Unfortunately for Pinch and his father, Sky left the two almost three weeks after Pinch was born; leaving Decibel to take care of Pinch himself.

Pinch lived on the road with his roadie father and got to meet quite a few well-known musicians throughout his foal hood; ranging from many genres such as rock to pop and more.

It was during this time when Pinch started to take up guitar. Decibel showed him the basics in between shows, and Pinch slowly started to teach himself the rest. He eventually got his cutie mark, a winged guitar, while performing on stage with the Barenaked Mares (Barenaked Ladies).

After taking over as a roadie after his dad had to retire because of back problems, Pinch continued to work with the musicians he had come to know over the years, most prodominately the Foo Fighters.

After a few years of working on the roadie scene, he eventually settled down in Ponyville, where his daughter Harmony came into his life via a magic accident. Later on, he met Default , who he eventually married. Now, along with his two other daughters, Golden Voice and his adopted daughter Kya , he lives happily in Ponyville among the craziness and shenanigans.