Question Pinkamena is an Ask blog that follows, obviously, Pinkie.

Even though the blog is based on the cupcake fan-fic, the Pinkie Pie of this blog is very different from the fan-fic. This Pinkie is more clutsy and never really think about the consequences of her actions, rather, she acts first, then think about the results later, a lot later.

The Blog is not safe for work and is grimdark. Stories for this blog is quite heavily influenced by questions.

The world they live in has an continuity fix portal in the Everfree forest which spits out ponies that have been murderd back onto their beds with no recollection of what happend. However. Her blog has moved.

Main CharactersEdit


Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena: Clutsy mare with a strange liking for baking ponies(or anything that moves) in pastries, She lives at Sugar Cube Corner and does her killing in the basement. Being rather paranoid about ponies finding out about her secrect, she keeps multiple weapons hidden all around the building.

Although she rather use knives and axes to mutilate ponies, she does own an arsenal of rifles and shotguns.


Twilight Sparkle: Original captured to mentaly torture and used as an assitant, Twilight soon came to a revelation, "instead of being scared and trying to escape, I should try to help Pinkie stop killing other ponies! It will be the best Friendship letter to Princess Celestia Yet!"

As of now, Twilight manages all the expences and sales of Sugar Cube Corner. But currently she was replaced bcause of her being a princess and now living in canterlot. She was killed but as PInkie said, "Ponies respawn due to a weird portal in her sub-basement." Twi still checks in on her to see if she is okay.


Derpy Hooves is a regular mail mare that works directly under Luna to act as a private messanger between Pinkie and luna. Currently under orders to watch over pinkie and work for her. Her job is basically to aid Pinkie in whatever she needs.

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