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Raikissu or Rai is one the most known artists in the pony tumblr multiverse. Due to her popularity, and particularly this picture by Slugbox, she has been given the nickname "Queen of Tumblrpon." She is often seen wearing a crown or top hat and a fake mustache.

Rai is the mod of the ask blogs "Ask-fyrefly" and "askmlcblobs"








SFW / NSFW Artist:


She first joined Tumblr back in June of 2010, and has recently become very active in the tumblr community because of her popular pony blog, Askmlcblobs (made on October 26, 2011). Her updates in the beginning of "My Little Chubbies" were around 3 to 6 updates a day, but because of her increasingly busy schedule, it is now reduced to 3 updates a week.

Her second ask blog, Ask-Fyrefly, was created near the end of 2011. It was active for a few months, but unfortunately was put on haitus. News that Ask-Fyrefly might be starting up again can be found in Rai's personal blog, however.

Her younger sister has her own tumblr . Her boyfriend draws too, and Rai's been known to post some of his art now and then. The name Raikissu was based on an earlier alias 'Raichu'.


The "ponysona" of Raikissu. First drawn by the pony artist, Solar, as a wedding gag. Soon after Raikissu reblogged the post on Tumblr, she opened questions up to be answered by her newly created character known as, "Raipony."

Raipony answers questions on Raikissu's personal blog, but sometimes makes guest appearances on Askmlcblobs as a chubbie or just her pony self. Sometimes she's accompanied by her partner, a dragon character known as "Cali".