Stratocumulus Bolt (part of the duo on the blog) is part of a text-based RP blog that occasionally does drawn answers and pictures relating to questions asked or specific scenarios in the blog.

Character Bio:Edit

Stratocumulus Bolt, more commonly known as Bolt or Strato, is a meduim-sized pegasus stallion, with a light grey coat and brown mane. His cutie mark is in the shape of a yellow lightning bolt with a black circle around it, representing his ability to handle severe weather.

He lived in Cloudsdale with his parents, Towering Thunderhead and Shimmering Borealis, working at the Weather Factory with his father. His mother passed away after an accident at the factory, leading Thunderhead to become depressed and angry, taking to hitting Bolt.

Bolt was eventually banished from Cloudsdale pending the accident that killed his mother, and is now living in Ponyville with his fiancee Melody and his children, Furia Nimbus and Fortissimo Squall.

Bolt wears glasses most of the time now due to him losing his sight while tackling a large storm that threatened Ponyville, but can see relatively well without them.


Bolt lives in a house on the edge of Ponyville with his fiancee, Melody, and his two foals, a unicorn filly named Furia and a pegasus foal named Fortissimo. He has very good relations with all three of them, doting on them and spending much time with them.

He has a best friend whom he considers his brother, Ignus Flameheart, who is a unicorn from Canterlot. The two of them get along very well, but recently Bolt has become angry at Ignus for faking his death.

Bolt has two sisters named Stratus and Eris, who ran away from home before Bolt was born to escape their father's abusiveness. They are both currently living in Ponyville and have healthy relationships with him.

Bolt with his sisters.