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A few words on a silly, wonderful dream we shared.

Welcome to this wiki. Perhaps you came here from an old, forgotten bookmark; perhaps you saw the unusual name hyperlinked somewhere on the web and couldn't help but click. To you, welcome.

This was once a guide to a weird, wonderful, colourful world on the Tumblr microblogging site (plus a fair number of other blog- and artist-based websites), in which hundreds - possibly thousands - of artists, writers and other creatives interested in the world of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" attempted to carve out their own stories. The resulting blogs - starring and frequently "owned" by the ponies involved - created a beautifully tangled mess of an experience somewhere between fanfiction, comics and interactive roleplaying. Often this turned into the type of audience-led mixed-media experiences only possible on the Internet, perhaps similar to those of Homestuck or Prequel.

Either way, I am sad to say that this wiki is now all but expired. A few blogs still continue, here and there, but they are few and far between. A few blogs reached logical, preplanned endings (looking at you, Moonstuck and Ask King Sombra). The vast majority of the pages on this wiki refer to projects long now abandoned, their interactive ask boxes now unanswered. A fair number of links now go nowhere at all - sometimes due to shy creators erasing hours of their early work, sometimes due to the simple loss of websites and accounts over time. In some ways, this is a sad end to a shared dream, but in others, it should be seen as inspiring. Many creatives will have made their first ever public works in the form of MLP artwork, and whether or not those traces survive on the web doesn't matter. The important thing is that they created something, and showed it to the world.

MLP has always been about growth and development. If any part of the Tumblrpony experience - and in some small way, this wiki - contributed to people learning new things, making new friends, or simply opening themselves up to the world, then I'm glad to have been a part of it. - Black-Vertex, Mod, December 2020

About this Wiki (Original)

This is a wiki built to describe the Tumblr Pony blogs. Everything from ask blogs, to draw blogs, to role play blogs, to other styles, and the relationships between them all. It should include articles describing the canon of each blog and how they interact with other blogs. It may also include articles describing generally how elements of the tumblr pony universe work. Anyone can contribute for the better understanding of the tumblr pony community. The goal of this wiki is to remove general layers of obfuscation and allow people to easily understand the different pony blogs around tumblr.

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The Topic

The Tumblr Pony blogs are unique and varied. Including everything from simple art blogs that repost their favorite pictures to elaborate Role Playing blogs with expansive back stories and guest artists. While blogs have come and gone through the months since the creation of the show, they all have something in common, they are all quite difficult to follow. Almost every blog has its own unique canon with completely different worlds, and a different group of friends. Several blogs overlap in confusing ways, or interact with ponies that should not exist within the same universes. This is extremely frustrating for many newcomers and tumblr pony veterans alike, and creates a lot of confusion. This wiki is a reference, and should be a place where any tumblr member can go to find quick information about the pony blogs they find around tumblr.

How you can help

You can start out, of course, by adding pages for Tumblr blogs that you own or follow. If you run out of those, here is a big list that still needs to be processed. We could also use your input on how this wiki should be developed. Join the discussion around the Watercooler.

Some articles are sorely lacking in information, and you can also help out by contributing to articles and pages marked as Stubs.

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