Rezimod was the founder of the Ponystuck RP group, and one of the lucky ones of the Pony RP community. The great Rezimod was frequently known for his brash nature, and the fact that he was highly blut, but the great and wonderous Rezimod often had some very good points. The great and powerful awesome Rezimod had made several enemys, but they were all whiny douchebags so no one really cares. the truely amizing great and powerful brilliant Rezimod eventually saw the light in the fact most pony RPers are rather, well, shit, and has more or less left the horror that is the community.

the purely amazing, awesome, brilliant king Rezimod can now often be found being awesome in the projectbent AU, while laughing at the terrible, terrible RPers the good ones have to hope with, leaping from life to life trying to find his way back home.